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A Gift From Malakhov 2008 to be held in February

Vladimir Malakhov and Friends will have a gala in February. (Japanese Only)

Vladimir Malakhov (Berlin State Opera)
Polina Seminova Berlin State Opera
Yana Salenko Berlin State Opera
Irina Dvorovenko (American Ballet Theatre)
Maxim Beloserkovsky (American Ballet Theatre)
Maria Alexandrova (Bolshoi Ballet)
Sergei Filin (Bolshoi Ballet)
Zdenek Konvalina (National Ballet of Canada)


U-port Hall (Gotanda, Tokyo)  


Tokyo International Forum Hall C (Yurakucho, Tokyo)


L'Apres-Midi D'UN Faune (Afternoon of a Faun by Nijinsky) Malakhov、The Tokyo Ballet
Voyage Malakhov Paquita Malakhov, Semionova, The Tokyo Ballet
Solo (TBA) Semionova
Black Swan Pas de duex Alexandrova, Filin
Carmen Alexandrova, Filin
Nutcracker act3 Dvorovenko, Beloserkovsky
Splendid Isolation Dvorovenko, Beloserkovsky
Don Quixote Pas de duex Salenko, Konvalina
Pas de Deux from "The Flower Festival in Genzano" Salenko, Konvalina


L'Apres-Midi D'UN Faune (Afternoon of a Faun by Robbins) Malakhov, Semionova
Aria Malakhov
Serait-ce la Mort? Malakhov, Semionova, Salenko, Yoshioka, Ueno
Hamlet Alexandrova, Filin
Cinderella Alexandrova, Filin Black
Swan Pas de duex Dvorovenko, Beloserkovsky
Apollo Dvorovenko, Beloserkovsky
Esmeralda Salenko, Konvalina
Grand Pas Classique Salenko, Konvalina

The Dream (The Tokyo Ballet, Cojocaru and McRae) A very short and quick review

Today was the debut of Steven as Oberon, and he was just marvelous!
What was so memorable was the fluid movements of his upper body, which had so much grace to make us belive he is the true king of the fairies. His legs were so beautiful, en dehored perfectly, and he could manage the very complicated steps of Ashton. His technique was crisp, and was in harmony with the music. He had a very flexible back. The partnership with Alina was good, and he managed those lifts well. At the last pas de deux he maybe missed some steps (he seemed a bit nervous), but that was very minor and had no harm to the stage. Also his acting, especially the mimes were good.

Of course, Alina was wonderful! She was very beautiful and graceful, elegant and witty. Her movement was so spacious, and at the same time very accurate.

Bottom by Ryuta Takahashi and Puck by Kazunori Furukawa was also danced very well, and was in harmony with the two guests.

It was a fresh, happy and beautifully danced stage. Sir Anthony Dowell was at the curtain call. And the audience liked Steven and Alina so much, many of the audience was standing to appluase. Steven at first seemed nervous but When Sir Dowell appeared on stage he looked relieved and made a big smile.

I must assure that Steven's debut was a great success. I will see him and Alina at the last performance on Friday. I think he will dance even better that day.
Hope I can see him at the Royal Ballet Japan tour next summer.

Titania Alina Cojocaru
Oberon Steven McRae
Puck Kazunori Furukawa
Bottom Ryuta Takahashi
Harmia Mayumi Nishimura
Lysander Ryo Hirano
Helena Yukie Iwaki
Dimitrius Naoki Takagishi
The Fairies Junko Takamura, Tomoko Inui, Chika Saeki, Chikako Hasegawa

My Ballet Schedule in Tokyo

There are so many ballet performances in Tokyo, and to prove this I will tell my schedule for these 3 months.

10.24 A Midsummer Night's Dream (Frederick Ashton) The Tokyo Ballet with Alina Cojocaru and Steven McRae
11.4 Lady of the Camelias (Asami Maki) New National Theare with Svetlana Zhakharova and Denys Matvienko, Robert Tewsley
11.9 New Work by Inbal Pinto Dance Company with Kaiji Moriyama and Shintaro Oue
11.17 Giselle (Derek Dean) Noriko Kobayashi Ballet Theatre with Robert Tewsley
11.27 The Nutcracker Kiev Ballet
12.2 Ruriko Tachigawa's 80th Birthday Gala (Romeo and Juliet act1, etc) Star Dancers Ballet with Miyako Yoshida and Robert Tewsley
12.4 Raymonda Kiev Ballet with Igor Kolb
12.9 Swan Lake act2 / Push /Stepping Stones The Tokyo Ballet with Sylvie Guillem and Nicholas Le Riche
12.15 The Nutcracker Inoue Ballet with Nobuo Fujino (Australian Ballet)
12.18 The Nutcracker New National Theatre with Diana Vishneva and Andrian Fadeyev
12.27 Swan Lake Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre Ballet
1.5 Beauty and the Beast (David Bintley) Birmingham Royal Ballet
1.11 La Bayadere The State Mikhailovsky Theatre
1.15 Coppelia (Peter Wright) Birmingham Royal Ballet with Miyako Yoshida
2.2 Telophaza (Ohad Naharin) Batsheva Dance Company
3.23 Seasons-The Colors of Time, Spring and Fall (John Neumeier) The Tokyo Ballet

Greetings from Tokyo

Hi, my name is Naomi and I am a ballet fan in Tokyo. I have been writing a blog in Japanese for a few years, and luckily quite a few people access to it every day.

But I found that there are so little information in English about the ballet scene in Japan. So I would like to write some very simple reports from Tokyo. As I am Japanese and my English abilities are limited, I am not sure how much I can write but hope many people around the world will read it.

I go to both Japanese and Foreign ballet companies, and although I prefer classical ballet I also see some contemporary ballet and dance. I travel quite often abroad to see ballet and dance.. this year, New York (American Ballet Theatre), Perth, Australia (Matthew Bourne's New Adventures), Hamburg (Hamburg Ballet).

I have many favorite dancers, such as Alessandra Ferri, Julio Bocca, Roberto Bolle, Miyako Yoshida, Marcelo Gomes, Alexandre Riabko, Ulyiana Lopatkina, Igor Kolb.

I love to have comments and messages about this blog. Thank you!

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