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The 12th World Ballet Festival in Tokyo August 2009

First, I must apologize that I had not updated this blog for too long. I had to write entries for my Japanese ones.. I hope I can write more often.

So, I will restart by providing information of ballet in Tokyo this Summer. One of the biggest Summer events this year.

The 12th World Ballet Festival in Tokyo

Program A
August 1st (Sat)3:00p.m.
August 2nd (Sun)3:00p.m.
August 3rd (Mon)6:00p.m.
August 4th (Tue)6:00p.m.

Program B
August 8th (Sat)3:00p.m.
August 9th (Sun)3:00p.m.
August 10th (Mon)6:00p.m.
August 11th (Tue)6:00p.m.

Gala Performance
August 13th (Thur)5:00p.m.

☆Helene Bouchet & Thiago Boardin (The Hamburg Ballet) 
John Neumeier work(TBA)

☆Alina Cojocaru & Johan Kobborg (The Royal Ballet)
Voices of Spring (Frederick Ashton)

☆Lucinda Dunn & Robert Curran (The Australian Ballet)
Swan Lake Act 1 (Greame Murphy)

☆Aurelie Dupont & Manuel Legris (Paris Opera Ballet)
Sonatine (George Balanchine)

☆Aurelie Dupont & Laurent Hilare (Paris Opera Ballet)
Romeo and Juliet (Angelin Preljocaj)

☆Maria Eichwald & Filip Barankiewicz (Stuttgart Ballet)
Der Widerspenstigen Zähmung (John Cranko)

☆Sylvie Guillem
TWO(Russel Maliphant)

☆Maria Kochetkova (San Fransisco Ballet) & Daniil Simkin (American Ballet Theatre)
Le Coisaire (Marius Petipa)

☆Agnes Letestu & Jose Martinez (Paris Opera Ballet)

☆Marianela Nunez & Thiago Soares (The Royal Ballet)
Winter Dreams (Kenneth MacMillan)

☆Natalia Osipova (Bolshoi Ballet) & Leonid Sarafanov (Mariinsky Ballet)
Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux (George Balanchine)

☆Xiomara Reyes & Jose Manuel Carreno (American Ballet Theatre)
Manon Swamp Pas de Deux (Kenneth MacMillan)

☆Tamara Rojo & Federico Bonneli (The Royal Ballet)
Carmen (Roland Petit)

☆Elisabet Ros & Gil Roman (Bejart Ballet Lausanne)
Cantique (Maurice Bejart)

☆Iana Salenko (Berlin State Opera Ballet) & Zdenek Konvalina (National Ballet of Canada)
Flames of Paris (Vasily Vainonen)

☆Polina Semionova (Berlin State Opera Ballet) & Friedemann Vogel (Stuttgart Ballet)

☆Mizuka Ueno (The Tokyo Ballet) & David Makhateli (The Royal Ballet)
Don Quixote (Marius Petipa)

☆Diana Vishneva (Mariinsky Ballet) & Vladimir Malakhov (Berlin State Opera Ballet)
Diamonds from Jewels (George Balanchine)

☆Svetlana Zakharova & Andrei Uvarov (Bolshoi Ballet)
Macbeth (Vladimir Vasiliev)

☆Manuel Legirs (Paris Opera Ballet)
A Picture of...(Patrick de Bana)

☆Nicolas Le Riche (Paris Opera Ballet)
The World Ballet Festival is performed once in three years, and this gala performance is known to be the most difficult to buy tickets event in Japan. Usually it lasts about 5 hours with a "Funny Gala" accompanied with male dancers wearing pointe shoes and ballerinas dressed like boys.

Also, there are 3 full performances with the Tokyo Ballet and 2 galas in memory of Maurice Bejart

July 29th 6:30pm
"Don Quixote"
Maria Kochetkova (San Fransisco Ballet) & Daniil Simkin (American Ballet Theatre)

August 6th 6:30pm
"Swan Lake"
Tamara Rojo & Federico Bonneli (The Royal Ballet)

August 15th 1:30pm
"Sleeping Beauty"
Alina Cojocaru & Johan Kobborg (The Royal Ballet)

August 16th & 17th
"Hommage A Bejart"
"Bolero" "Kabuki" "Adagietto" "Bahkti" "Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen" etc
Gil Roman, Elizabet Ros, Manuel Legris, Laurent Hilare etc.

For ticket information, please visit the English site of NBS.

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