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Official Site of Maria Alexandrova/Bolshoi Ballet in Tokyo

Maria Alexandrova' s press secretary informed me about her new website .

japanese version.

This is a very wonderful website, and English version is also available. You can see her news, profile, biography, repetoire, and also beautiful photo gallery.

Maria Alexandrova' s performance in Gift from Malakhov gala was so amazing. She proved herself that she is one of the best Ballerinas in the world. She danced Carmen from Alonzo and she was so lively, seducing and strong. Her technique was stellar, and her arms and legs moved as they were alive as a different being. Her Black swan was so powerful and attractive with magic power that no one can resist. And from Eifman's Russian Hamlet, Ekaterina was just stunning. She showed that she is a wonderful actress. and her flexibility and flowing movement was very beautiful. her Cinderella was cute and happy!

I can't wait to see in in the Bolshoi Ballet's Japan tour in December. She will be dancing in Don Quixote, The Bright Stream and Swan Lake. Of course I will go to all of her performances. (Japanese Only)

Don Quixote
・12/3(wed) 18:30 Maria Alexandrova /Sergei Filin
・12/4(Thur) 18:30 Natalia Osipova /Ivan Vasiliev
・12/11(Thur) 18:30 Svetlana Zakharova /Andrei Uvarov

Swan Lake
・12/5(fri) 18:30
 Svetlana Zakharova /Andrei Uvarov /Dmitry Belogolovtsev
・12/6(sat) 12:00
 Svetlana Lunkina /Dmitry Gudanov
・12/6(sat) 18:00
 Maria Alexandrova /Sergei Filin
・12/7(sun) 12:00
 Yekaterina Krysanova /Dmitry Gudanov
・12/7(sun) 18:00
 Svetlana Zakharova /Andrei Uvarov /Dmitry Belogolovtsev

The Bright Stream
・12/9(tue) 19:00
 Svetlana Lunkina /Andrei Merkuriev&Maria Alexandrova /Sergei Filin
・12/10(wed) 19:00
 Yekaterina Krysanova/Andrei Merkuriev&Natalia Osipova /Yan Godovsky
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