Greetings from Tokyo

Hi, my name is Naomi and I am a ballet fan in Tokyo. I have been writing a blog in Japanese for a few years, and luckily quite a few people access to it every day.

But I found that there are so little information in English about the ballet scene in Japan. So I would like to write some very simple reports from Tokyo. As I am Japanese and my English abilities are limited, I am not sure how much I can write but hope many people around the world will read it.

I go to both Japanese and Foreign ballet companies, and although I prefer classical ballet I also see some contemporary ballet and dance. I travel quite often abroad to see ballet and dance.. this year, New York (American Ballet Theatre), Perth, Australia (Matthew Bourne's New Adventures), Hamburg (Hamburg Ballet).

I have many favorite dancers, such as Alessandra Ferri, Julio Bocca, Roberto Bolle, Miyako Yoshida, Marcelo Gomes, Alexandre Riabko, Ulyiana Lopatkina, Igor Kolb.

I love to have comments and messages about this blog. Thank you!

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Hello Naomi!
I am a UK ballet fan and very fond of Japanese culture. I saw in your post that you will be attending The Dream with Alina and Steven, two of my favorite dancers currently (I have written about them in my blog). I would love to get a report on McRae's debut in this role - will you be posting about that?
best regards, LNH
by (2007-10-23 02:04) 


Hello, lanouvellehelois

Thank you for posting your message on this blog...You are the first.

Sure, I will be posting the McRae debut of the role of Oberon on

I am going to see two performances...24th and 26th of October! 24th will be his debut. There was an interview article posted on NBS(the promoter's site) and he seemed so confident.

It is all in japanese, but you will find his latest picture. He says that his Oberon will be a magical one.. that no one had ever seen yet. He arrived in Tokyo the next morning after his debut as Romeo!
by pyonpyon (2007-10-23 12:47) 


Hi ! naomi. I'm happy you started your english blog. But it seems that you have forgotten one of your favorite ballet dancer or not...!!!!!!:-))))
by amica (2007-10-25 01:11) 


Hi, amica!

Thank you so much for encouraging me to do this.

And, I was such a fool to ommit one of my favorite dancers, and your sweetheart! I added him on my list, the beautiful virtuoso Roberto Bolle! I can't wait to see him on New Year's Eve with you!
by naomi (2007-10-26 15:57) 


Dear Naomi, Thank you so much for your blog. I actually read your excellent comments on Ballet Talk some months ago and tonight I find that you have a blog in English! So, thank you.

I am investigating ballet schools in Japan for my daughter as we may move there soon. Do you happen to know where the Tachibana Ballet School is that you mention in your post? In all my research, I cannot seem to figure out what stop it is at...I have a Tokyo train/subway map from 10 years ago! I was able to find an address for Asami Maki Ballet at their website, but I do not know if the school is at the same location.

Anyway, thank you so much for your blog and again, your original post on Ballet Talk which gave me so much information. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

by KJ (2008-10-14 10:27) 


Hello, KJ!

I am very sorry to reply to you so late. I have not been writing entries here. And thank you for you posting here.

As for Tachibana ballet school, I could not find an english website but I will tell you the address of the location and phone number

2-14-15 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
The nearest stop is Yoyogi Hachiman, Odakyu Line(a few stops from Shinjuku Station)
TEL 81+3-3460-9411
FAX 81+3-3485-2604 (japanese)

There are some ballet schools that have excellent education for international students such as
International Dance School that invites teachers from the Vaganova Academy and has lessons in English.

Some graduates now dances in companies such as Staatsballet Berlin and Vienna Opera Ballet.
by naomi (2008-12-02 01:56) 


Thank you so much, Naomi, for this information! I appreciater your taking the time to write back to me. I have recorded it in my notebook!

by KJ (2008-12-22 21:43) 



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